3D Design Package




What is the Design Package?

The design package is a service that we offer to design your kitchen for you. You receive drawings and renderings of your new kitchen by our design reps. This is not a software that is available for download.

Price for this design service is $100 and is non-refundable.

What does the Design package include?

  • 1 set cabinet layout with measurements
  • 3 renderings of your kitchen in 3D
  • 3 changes/alterations to the original design – any further changes will be billed separately

The 3D Design package is non-refundable. Kitchen Liquidators has the right to cancel any design package if necessary. If cancelled a full refund will be issued.

This design service is applicable to kitchens only.  An additional charge may apply to design other areas such as bathrooms, media rooms, laundry, basements, bars, entertainment centres etc.

3D images are created in software not drawn by hand. The drawings are artistic renderings only and do not represent real door styles or colours. As we strive to have all of our designs completed quickly, we cannot guarantee a time frame on design drawing completions.


Questions asked by our customers:

I ordered the Design Package what happens now?

Our reps will contact you for more information.  We will require measurements provided by you. Please send any photos this will help us determine the course of action. Your designer will use all information you provide to create the design you are looking for. You may choose to send in a sketch and our professionals will assist your dreams become a reality!

Do you come out and measure?

No. We do not provide this service. Measurements are the responsibility of the customer.

I purchased a 3D design with a layout and drawing. Can you tell me how to install the cabinets?

No. We can let you know where the cabinets are placed but we cannot give construction advice. As every home/project area is different, we are not aware of any conditions that may or may not be present in the specific area,  unfortunately we cannot recommend any installation tips. Please contact a licensed professional to help you install your items.




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