Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


INVOICE MUST BE PAID IN FULL before an order will be processed. Once the order is in process, no changes can be made. Additional items can be processed as a new order. Cancellations made prior to the order being picked will be subject to a 30% processing fee. Cancellations made after an order is picked are subject to a 50% restocking/processing fee. Kitchen Liquidators Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. Any item that is backordered/out-of-stock will be shipped when item arrives (at no additional shipping cost to the customer).


The 3D Design package costs $100.00 plus applicable taxes and is non-refundable. 1 design per customer per kitchen. No other areas will be designed ( such as laundry, media rooms, bathrooms etc) unless noted in writing between designer and client. Design times vary and will depend on the difficultly of the design and peak times of the year. Please call our offices to speak to a rep for more details.


Kitchen Liquidators Inc. is not responsible for incorrect assembly or installation of any of the cabinets sold through our channels. We recommend using a licensed contractor to assemble or install your cabinets to avoid any voiding of warranties. Kitchen Liquidators Inc. cannot provide any advice or recommendations.


  • All freight orders are packaged in individual boxes, placed on a pallet and shrink wrapped.
  • Delivery times are out of the control of Kitchen Liquidators Inc.
  • Kitchen Liquidators Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order and refund prior to shipping.
  • Shipping charges must be paid for in full when your order is placed.
  • For Residential Deliveries – The shipping staff will contact you in advance to schedule delivery. It is not the responsibility of Kitchen Liquidators for any inconvenience that may have been caused by the shipping carrier due to delivery times.
  • Shipping charges cover one delivery attempt. The customer is responsible for any additional shipping and handling charges for delivery failure due to customer circumstances. Kitchen Liquidators makes no guarantees for shipping times.
  • A lift gate is included for residential deliveries at no charge.
  • The driver is only responsible for placing the pallet on the ground for residential deliveries with lift gate services. For insurance purposes, they do not bring in any items into garage and/or house.
  • A responsible party (18 years or older) must be present to inspect, inventory, and sign off on delivery.
  • If items are missing or visibly damaged, have the driver make a note on the bill of lading.
  • PLEASE Do not reject damaged items. DO NOT REJECT ANY ITEMS, EVEN IF YOUR ORDER HAS ARRIVED INCOMPLETE. SEE IMPORTANT NOTES ON MISSING AND DAMAGED ITEMS BELOW. Any rejected items will not be covered by Kitchen Liquidators Inc. and its warranties.


Freight claims for obvious damage(s) or shortage(s) can only be accepted when indicated on the bill of lading.

No claims will be allowed without the proper paperwork or pictures. You have 72 hours to inspect all items and file a claim if necessary. DO NOT ASSEMBLE or INSTALL any item(s) that is believed to be damaged or have missing parts. NO CREDIT/REFUND will be given once an item is assembled/installed.

To file a claim for damage or shortage, please send an email to claims department immediately within 72 hours of receipt of delivery. Please include the following:

• Order number / Order Date
• Buyer’s name
• Shipping address
• Brief description of damage(s) or shortage(s) including item numbers or parts
• PICTURES of the damage(s).

No claim can be processed without photo evidence. Each photo must be labelled with the item # (example: B12 drawer, B30 right door, left side W3012, middle drawer in 3DB18… etc. ) All damaged items are to be shipped back for claims unless noted. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

A claim form will issued and is the responsibility of the customer to submit the claim within 72 hours (3 days). Please note that all information (photos and description) must be CLEAR and in full (all items have been inspected) before submitting a claim. Only one (1) claim can be submitted per order. Ensure that you have inspected YOUR ENTIRE ORDER BEFORE SUBMITTING A CLAIM. Expedited shipping service is not available for replacements and/or parts. Kitchen Liquidators Inc. cannot be held responsible for any costs accrued during the installation/delivery of any of its products sold via any of its channels of distribution. This includes, but is not limited to, items that may be flawed by manufacturer or have become damaged in transit.


• Customers will be notified as soon as the order is ready to pick up from the warehouse.
• Orders not picked up within 5 business days will be subject to a storage charge of $50 per pallet per day.
• Orders not picked up within 30 business days will be subject to storage charges, additional restocking fees of 50% as well as having the order cancelled.


  • Items must be inspected within 72 hours (3 days) of receiving.
  • Any missing item(s) must be reported within 72 hours (3 days) of receiving.
  • Returns must be received by Kitchen Liquidators Inc. within 7 days of date of receiving shipment(s).
  • All returns must be authorized by Kitchen Liquidators Inc. prior to return shipment. Authorization # will be issued.
  • All items must be returned in original, unopened packaging to receive credit. No credit/exchange/refund on installed or assembled cabinets.
  • NO RETURNS ON ASSEMBLED CABINETS, special order, clearance, trims, toe-kicks, mouldings, wood or glass ready doors, fillers or panels, corbels or decorative pieces, accessories such as touch-up kits, roll-outs, glides, hinges, and door samples. Items are considered final sale. For warranty/claims please contact us.
  • NO RETURNS ON FURNITURE, SINKS, HANDLES/KNOBS, FAUCETS. Items are considered final sale. For warranty/claims please contact us.
  • Qualifying returns will incur a 50% RESTOCKING & PROCESSING FEE.
  • The customer is responsible for setting up all return shipments and cost(s) associated.


In order to qualify for the PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE, Kitchen Liquidators Inc. must receive written quotes/estimate showing each item in detail and price. Manufacturer (and applicable warranties)  must be labelled and shown when comparing. PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE only applies to kitchen cabinets and not other accessories such as handles, sinks etc. FREE SHIPPING, AIR MILES, THE BRICK OFFER etc. are not offered with the PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE.


By purchasing from Kitchen Liquidators you agree to these policies, terms & conditions. You are aware that some item(s) may become at any time and for whatever reason, unavailable, back-ordered or out of stock.  A “Fill Date” may not be available for your item(s) and therefore would not have a ETA date assigned. Your items will arrive when in stock and no additional shipping costs will be incurred to the purchaser. You may choose to substitute your item(s) or receive a refund for the item(s).

A shipping ETA does not necessarily mean the item(s) will arrive at that time. This is just an estimated date  of arrival. As shipping is available coast-to-cost, weather, unions and other labor forces are factors for importing and shipping schedules. Kitchen Liquidators is not responsible for any delays, damages or costs occurred to any home/job/project because of out-of-stock, unavailable or back-ordered item(s) and/or delivery schedules.  These situations are completely out of the control of Kitchen Liquidators, and you agree not hold Kitchen Liquidators liable in these situations.

If you do not agree to the Terms & Conditions, please exit the website.